Kids’ Books On My Wishlist

It’ll be a few more weeks before we join in the Back to School rompus, but if you’re like me, you’ve been out browsing for neat school stuff already.  I thought I’d share a few books that have caught my eye or bear mentioning again.

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Bob Books, Set 1 First, I’ve talked about the Bob books before, in my $20 Bookshelf Challenge for beginner readers.  But I can’t think of a better investment when it comes to books for my girls.  They are so simple and progress at just the right pace, where other beginner readers seem to always be over kids’ heads or hopping around on various phonics levels.  Great, great books.

Nature’s Art Box What if instead of forking out half a paycheck for glitter, foam stickers, and cotton balls, you could get your school supplies without any coupons…for free… in your backyard?  In this book, you’ll find 65 art projects made from natural materials.  I can’t guarantee you’ll have everything you need for them in your yard, but I bet if you team up with a friend from church, you’ll be able to find the bulk of them!  Definitely on my wishlist, and even if I don’t get a copy for myself, I may just see what I can drum up in the backyard to make with my girls.  Such a fun idea!

A Street Through Time Our library has several of Steve Noon’s books, but not this one.  Very helpful as a complement for our classical education curriculum this year.  (Actually, this might be a fun curriculum in itself!)  Some of you guys may have issue with the first point on the timeline, which begins somewhere around 10,000 years B.C.

The LEGO Ideas Book I love books that help me take things I already have–in this case, Legos–and use them in a fresh way to keep my kids entertained.

Lady Jane Grey  This book is actually still yet to hit bookstores.  But it should be in any day now, and I’ve got a .pdf of the manuscript.  Looks to be a wonderful addition to the kids’ biographies of John Calvin, Augustine and others in this series by Simonetta Carr.   (See her video about the book here; it’s a wonderful introduction to Lady Jane Grey in its own right.)

So that’s what I’m excited about.  Have you guys seen any must-haves (or just really-wish-you-hads) lately in your bookstore?



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2 Responses to Kids’ Books On My Wishlist

  1. Emily November 2, 2012 at 6:31 am #

    I don’t think I’ve seen the museum book, Megan. I’ll have to keep an eye out for it! Thanks for the recommendation. (We need to do more museum trips….somehow we always seem to find other things to do.)

  2. Megan November 1, 2012 at 7:16 pm #

    We already have the BOB books, but I gladly added the others to my wishlist too. Have you seen the Museum ABC book? A great introduction to a wide variety of works of art from many eras and cultures! My boys and I went to an art museum and looked for an apple, boat, cat, dancing, etc. and put post-it flags on the pages representing the items we found. Museum Shapes is one I’d like to add to our collection.

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