Book News, Freebies and Cheapies (Sept. 9)

Hey, guys!  Welcome to Science September here at Redeemedreader!  We’ve got a lot of fun stuff planned–including an adult-teen read along of Ender’s Game and an interview with Christian artist Kevin Luthardt–plus lots of book recommendations to pass on this month.  So, don’t forget to sign up for our biweekly newsletter on the homepage or like our Facebook page to stay updated!


For now, though, here are a few intriguing book posts I found recently on the web:

  • Are Digital Books Forever?  In this post, one reader had his Google Books deleted when he traveled to Singapore.  Apparently it was just a computer glitch, but the event does raise the question, in an age characterized by lack of privacy, is it wise to build digital libraries that could be deleted in one stroke?
  • Janie’s Reviews in World Magazine:  Our own Janie B. Cheaney just came our with five nonfiction book reviews in World.  Topics range from teaching your kids to read Shakespeare to Albert Einstein’s relativity theory.
  • American History Brought Back to Life: Beautiful Feet Books recently began reprinting this history of America by Earl Schenck Miers.  Hitherto out of print for 50 years, it may be a good fit for kids 3rd to 7th grade, particularly families who like a more traditional approach to the subject.
  • National Punctuation Day Reading: Thanks to Sherry at for this list of kids’ reading to help celebrate National Punctuation Day.  (Yes, it’s coming up on September 24th, for those of you who don’t already have it marked on your calendar.)  Personally, I think Punctuation Day ought to be like Labor Day–a day when you can take a break from punctuation and unleash those periods and commas….but maybe that’s just me. : )


  • The Cross and the Switchblade: This is’s free download of the month.  You’ll have to use your own judgement as to whether the book is appropriate for your teen.  Considering the topic, there may be violence, drugs, language, etc.  Here’s the description from The astonishing true story of Wilkerson’s outreach to New York teens trapped by drugs and gangs.  Gang-fighters! Drug addicts! Teenage runaways and prostitutes! The toughest and most hopeless kids that New York’s ghettos had to offer. Then a young preacher from the Pennsylvania hills arrived on their turf and began preaching a message of renewal, miracles, and God’s love. This is one of the century’s great true stories.  Over 50 million copies in print!
  • Free Fairy Tales: Again, I haven’t checked this Kindle book out, but it’s free and the art looks better than most free ebooks.
  • $5 Fridays: Every Friday at Ligonier Ministries’ website, you will find $5 downloads and/or book specials.  May Thriving-at-College-cover-198x300include R. C. Sproul’s books for children or R. C. Jr’s Economics for Everybody.

Okay, guys, that’s all I’ve got for today!  Please leave any good deals or book news you’ve found recently in the comments below.  We’d love to hear about them! 

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2 Responses to Book News, Freebies and Cheapies (Sept. 9)

  1. Emily September 16, 2013 at 7:59 pm #

    Very funny about the punctuation, Pat! Thanks for giving us some good feedback on the links. It’s nice to know how they strike somebody besides me!

  2. Pat September 9, 2013 at 8:59 pm #

    Wow! That list kept me busy for a few minutes:-)

    I admire Starr Meade’s work, altho I have not read either of the two Bible storybooks in question; I may look into them for grandchildren. The digital books article was one of those places where I did not see a need for bad language; other than that I do not have a digital reader and anyway, I have not traveled outside the country “lately”:-) A couple of Janie’s book reviews looked pretty good – for me even! But I probably will not tackle Rapture Practice. I enjoy many of Beautiful Feet’s products, but as I was on the site I found myself wishing that they would give me access to a few sample pages to get a feel for the writing style; cannot imagine spending that much for a book I have not read at all. As for learning aps and e-books, I am rather simple when it comes to children, so we do not have any computerized toys for children around here; lots of educational value in balls and vehicles and blocks and legos and baby dolls and, of course, books!! And sorry, but I am waaaaaaay too nerdy to give up punctuation for a day!!!! It would kill me:-) That’s ok, I once “labored” on Labor Day too! And lastly, I do not recall liking The Cross and the Switchblade when I read it, and my boys do not remember it so I probably did not pass it on to them as teens for some reason; wish I could remember. Plan to check out your Friday link on Friday!

    Actually, it looks like I need to take a break from exclamation points for Punctuation Day….:-/

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