Book Bits, February 24, 2014

WHAT?  February is almost OVER??

If you’re in to Charlotte Mason, or thinking about it (her?), you need to visit this site.  The Charlotte Mason educational philosophy, as most homeschool people know, is based on education of the whole person through reading and hands-on activities.  Mostly reading, according to Ambleside Online, a text-heavy site put together by home educators who have done it and know what they’re talking about.  Ambleside contains a printable 23-page .pdf download of FAQ’s about the Mason method, plus suggested resources for a complete curriculum—even a “lite” version of grades 7-11 for those who are beginning the method in high school and may need to ease in to it.  Weekly schedules are included–even quarterly exams.  All free!  Except for tons of books, most of which you can probably borrow.

Over at Salon, Laura Miller asks, “Can you make kids love books?  The answer is (spoiler!), Maybe.  Like so much else, it depends on the kid, but she has some worthwhile thoughts to share about a recent online debate over fiction vs. nonfiction (links included).  Bonus question: have you ever heard of “strewing”?500-hats

Coming to a library near you?  Check out the schedule of this special traveling exhibit of Dr. Seuss’s own hat collection!

Finally, have you ever, in your tender years, stayed up late to read scary stories under the covers with a flashlight—like (shiver) The Magic Treehouse?  Just how scary are the Treehouse books?  BuzzFeed has a webpage that ranks all 51 titles (did you know there were 51 titles??) in order of scariness, from least to greatest.  Might be handy to bookmark for midnight reads.  Or just to see all 51 cover images in one place (reader advisory for a couple of swear words).

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  1. Betsy February 28, 2014 at 6:48 am #

    And thanks for the article on getting kids to read. I love the idea of “strewing.” I’ve gone so far as to take a stack of books home from the library and tell the kids they “can’t” read the book…. ha ha ha ha….

    Or, I’ll pick a book to listen to in the car (right now, it’s Lloyd Alexander’s Black Cauldron) that is part of a series or group of books (Marguerite Henry’s horse books, for example). Someone gets hooked and then proceeds to read the book on his or her own and read voraciously in the rest of the series! (Which also explains the current Star Wars books fixation since Daddy has enjoyed watching the original 3 movies with them….).

  2. Betsy February 28, 2014 at 6:40 am #

    I’ve used Ambleside Online often over the years for book suggestions and curriculum ideas. It’s a great resource!

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