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5 Ways to Connect Legos and Literature

What do you do when spring is shining and the kids are squirming? If you have a child who is enthusiastic about Legos, enrich their time with a little literary creativity!  Here are five suggestions: L.E.G.O.S. 1. Listen to audiobooks while they create. Suggestions: Audiobook reviews on RR, Jim Weiss, Librivox (select “children’s literature” under “genre”)   2. 

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Who’s Your Daddy?

Of all the charges hurled against Christianity in the modern age, one of the most potent is “paternalistic.”  Christianity, it’s said, has kept women in the kitchen and society in the dark ages; I recall listening to a radio program long ago in which a caller insisted that the whole point of the faith was 

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RR_Mission Accomplished

Book Bits: Beverly Cleary, banned books, National Cereal Day, and more (March 7, 2016)

Book Bits: a random collection of interesting, book-related news from around the web. Enjoy! Easter is just around the corner! Check out this Easter devotional that we reviewed last year. Oops! We missed it: World Read Aloud Day was February 24. It’s not too late, though–you can read aloud with your children every day! Beverly Cleary, 

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