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Divergent: Coffee and Conversation

A few weeks ago, Veronica Roth’s book Divergent hit the big screen.  In God’s providence, that morning I also happened to be in the same town as Hayley, our intrepid intern-turned-exec-assistant, who is now a student at Boyce College.  So, we slid up to the table in a local coffee house, got a couple of […]

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Shakespeare: life, theater and historical context

Here are some resources that weave together the life of the bard with the world he lived in, how the plays were produced, and what became of his second-best bed after he died. All of these resources cover pretty much the same material, the primary difference being the age of the intended audience. I have […]

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Shakespeare Goes to the Movies

Continuing our celebration of Shakespeare’s 450th birthday–Check out our Shakespeare posts on the home page and come back tomorrow for a list of book recommendations! If you have a chance to catch a Shakespeare play performed on a real stage with live actors, DO IT! That’s what he wrote the plays for: performance. Unfortunately professional […]

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Teaching Shakespeare: Quick Tips and a Download

Here are the quick tips: Don’t be afraid. Learn the stories first. Read or watch exciting scenes from a play rather than tackling an entire play cold. Find good community or college performances or watch a good movie version (watch for our movie list next week). Read the plays out loud, together. Don’t be afraid. […]

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Book Bits: Shakespeare Online

The words “Shakespeare Online” is almost an embarrassment of riches—so many links it’s hard to sort through them all, and I didn’t.  Today we have a representation of some good places to go for information, interest, and even fun, but it might be just a starting point. The Folger Library, opened in 1932, includes the […]

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Step Right in to Will’s One-Stop: a Puzzler and a Contest

So, how well to you know your Shakespeare?  There are 21 references in this picture, each connected to a Shakespeare play.  Some of them are obvious, but what’s the specific reference?  For example, you’ll notice the Rude Mechanicalz have a new CD called “Midsummer Night’s Dreamin’,”—obviously a connection to A Midsummer Night’s Dream, but who […]

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It’s Party Time! How to wish Will a happy 450th

Can you throw a party by the end of the month?  With at least 10 guests?  If so, you may be eligible to win a grand prize box of goodies from Redeemed Reader.  (More about prizes later.) But wait! think’st thou.  Parties take a lot of planning and expense and just plain work—and more than […]

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Should Not the Judge Do Right? Thoughts about “Noah”

For the last six months at least, I’ve been seeing reports about the movie version of Noah: Is it faithful? Is it trendy? Is it a cynical attempt to capitalize on a supposed interest in biblical themes (even while society drifts farther from biblical truth)?  Is it really a story about God destroying the world […]

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Ukraine: Lessons in Liberty and Compassion, Part 1

From Emily: As my kids are solidly in the middle of Medieval History in our home schooling, they haven’t had many opportunities to hear the the words, “Cold War.”  But with the events unfolding over the past week in Ukraine, I have had to fill them in somewhat on the history of Russian’s communist history […]

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Book Bits, March 3, 2014

Are you one of those moms (or possibly, dads) who buys old Baby Einstein videos and early reader flashcards?  Maybe there aren’t too many of those parents any more, and just as well.  Because guess what?  You Can’t Teach Your Baby to Read.  And here’s proof.   But . . . you can now give […]

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You Read the Book–Now See the Movie! (well, not quite yet)

When we started Redeemed Reader a few yeas ago, one of our first friends was Douglas Bond: teacher, musicologist, and novelist.  We’ve interviewed him several times, by email and podcast, but just a few months ago, we started getting wind of a very exciting project in the works: a movie version of one of his […]

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