RR_Pirate Jamboree

The Pirate Jamboree

The Pirate Jamboree by Mark Teague. Orchard Books, 2013. 32 pages. Reading Level: Picture Books, ages 4-8 Maturity Level: Ages 0-8 Bottom Line: The neighborhood kids are sailing together for a pirate jamboree in this rollicking picture book. Neighbors Eye Patch Sue, Sharktooth Jane, and Cap’n Gunderboom along with the Johnson Brothers (Bluebeard, Blackbeard, and Beigebeard) 

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Terror at Bottle Creek by Watt Key

Terror at Bottle Creek by Watt Key.  Farrar Straus and Giroux, 2015, 224 pages. Reading Level: Middle grades, ages 10-12 Recommended for: ages 12-15, especially boys Bottom Line: In a fast, thrilling read, a 13-year-old boy must display courage, ingenuity, and persistence in extremely dangerous circumstances. Life on the Alabama coast isn’t so bad, especially 

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Soar by Joan Bauer

Soar by Joan Bauer.  Viking, 2015, 237 pages Reading level: Middle Grades, ages 10-12 Recommended for: ages 10-14 Bottom Line: In this cozy sports story, Jeremiah has learned through difficulty, but may not be able to pass the lessons on to his teammates. Jeremiah Lopper has an unusual origin story: At the age of nine 

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5 Ways to Connect Legos and Literature

What do you do when spring is shining and the kids are squirming? If you have a child who is enthusiastic about Legos, enrich their time with a little literary creativity!  Here are five suggestions: L.E.G.O.S. 1. Listen to audiobooks while they create. Suggestions: Audiobook reviews on RR, Jim Weiss, Librivox (select “children’s literature” under “genre”)   2. 

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NKJV Courage

Bible Review: NKJV Courage Bible/NKJV Faith Bible

NKJV Courage Bible/NKJV Faith Bible.  Holman Bible Publishers, 2014, 1568 pages Reading Level: Young Adult, ages 12-15 Recommended for: ages 10-15 Bottom Line: An accurate, readable translation, comfortable text size and helpful inserts make this a good choice for reading along in family devotionals and church. “Courage” is a red cover with a blue star 

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