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5 Ways to Encourage Art Appreciation with Picture Books

Note: even though this post references “picture books,” the tips below work for all ages (toddler to grown-up)! Art Appreciation: Picture Books and Paintings Do you want to encourage your children to appreciate visual art, whether “high” or “low”? Ever wonder why a certain picture book is a Caldecott winner or honor? Art appreciation includes an awareness of […]

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*Caddie Woodlawn by Carol Ryrie Brink

Caddie Woodlawn by Carol Ryrie Brink. Aladdin, 2006 (reprint; originally published 1935). 288 pages. Reading Level: Middle Grades, ages 8-12 Recommended for: ages 8-12, especially girls Bottom Line: Caddie Woodlawn, one of America’s favorite pioneer girls, turns 80 this year; her adventurous story of growing up on the frontier continues to delight young readers. Based on […]

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How Long, O Lord? When Bibliotherapy Isn’t Enough

These are dark days. I received an email this week expressing familiar anguish over the haunting reports of 21 followers of Christ who were martyred by ISIS. “I am so grieved by the reports I hear, and I’ve had a hard time explaining to my children (without freaking them out) why we need to pray. […]

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New Facebook Community! RR Parties and Giveaways!

Hi all!  We’re trying something new this month.  We’ve started a Facebook Community Page, and if you’ll take just a moment and “like us” there, we’ll keep you updated on upcoming giveaways, as well as some fun Easter and summer parties we have in the works. CLICK HERE to join us!  

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Reading about Romance

Once upon a time there was a little girl who loved stories and fairytales.  She discovered Andrew Lang’s colored fairy books and read through them—pretty colors first and not-so-pretty colors (like olive!) later.  She had a peculiarity though, she only read the stories with princes or princesses.  And, she felt cheated if there wasn’t a […]

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All for Love? Five Red Flags to Watch for in YA Christian Romance Fiction

I remember when Jeanette Oke and “deliverance” stories were about the only options teenage girls had if they wanted to read some Christian romance. The inventory has greatly expanded and almost every secular literary genre now has its Christian counterpart, especially for girls. Does she like historical, cozy mystery, fantasy, paranormal, sci-fi, lighthearted chick-lit (all […]

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All the Answers by Kate Messner

All the Answers by Kate Messner. Bloomsbury, 2015. 256 pages. Reading Level: Middle Grades, ages 10-12 Recommended For: ages 10-12, especially girls Bottom Line: In this middle-grades novel, Ava finds a magic pencil that writes answers out to her questions; the question is, is that really a good discovery? In her haste one morning, Ava grabs […]

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50 Shades Trilogy: The Tim Challies Interview

(This interview was originally published Aug 7, 2012.  We have repubbed today in preparation for the movie’s release this Valentine’s Day weekend.) NEW TO REDEEMEDREADER.COM?  Like our Facebook page or sign up for our newsletter (see right-hand corner of the homepage) to get more updates on 5o Shades and other significant book trends! Introduction Despite […]

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The Four Loves by C. S. Lewis: an Introduction

This thing called “love”—what is it? Something we long for, feel vague stirrings about, idolize, draw inspiration from, and abuse left and right. It’s unpredictable, stunning, fragile, overwhelming. And more misunderstood and lied-about than any other human emotion. No human has a comprehensive grasp of love, but if you’re looking for some thought-provoking handles, The […]

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Fifty Shades Roundtable with WORLD’s Megan Basham

(This interview was originally published Aug 8, 2012.  We are republishing today in preparation for the movie’s release Valentine’s Day weekend 2015.) Fifty Shades of Grey by E. L. James is the first in a trilogy of novels labeled erotica by its publisher Random House. The novels were released in 2011 and besides topping the […]

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*Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus by Nabeel Qureshi

This book is a “Best of the Best” pick from our Winter Book Fair. CLICK HERE to see more gift ideas! *Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus: A Devout Muslim Encounters Christianity by Nabeel Qureshi. Zondervan, 2014. 304 pages. Reading Level: Adult Maturity Level: 6 (ages 15 and up) One-Line Summary: In this moving and convicting account, Qureshi recounts his spiritual awakening from […]

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