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How Dark is Too Dark?

The Michael J. Prinz medal is awarded every year by the ALA for excellence in YA literature. Excellence, to the ALA, often means edgy, trendy, or outright grim: it’s a sure bet that at least one title in each year’s selection (of one winner and 2 or 3 honor books) will be seriously depressing. This 

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Who’s Your Daddy?

Of all the charges hurled against Christianity in the modern age, one of the most potent is “paternalistic.”  Christianity, it’s said, has kept women in the kitchen and society in the dark ages; I recall listening to a radio program long ago in which a caller insisted that the whole point of the faith was 

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3 Irresistible Picture Books for Boys

Pop quiz: What’s the funniest word in the English language? What competition is the fiercest? Do machines that are massive and gloriously noisy EVER have to quiet down for the night? Answers: 1. One Big Pair of Underwear by Laura Gehl Every boy who is four years old (or nine, six, two, or forty-eight, for 

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