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The Hero’s Journey: A Teaching Tool

On Tuesday, Janie talked about the Higgs boson, and the search for what’s under the surface in physics.  Today, I’ve invited Nathan Huffstutler, a writing and literature teacher at Maranatha Baptist Bible College, to lead us on a similar search in literature.  And I’m so excited to share his thoughts with you guys. The basic […]

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Laid-Back Homeschooling

I’m not quite ready to retire to a rocking chair in front of the general store, bending the ear of hapless passers-by: “Yessir, it was rough back in them early homeschoolin’ days . . .”  But still, it’s fun to off-handedly mention that when I started homeschooling, way back in 1985, neither A Beka nor […]

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A Children’s Guide to Pilgrim’s Progress

Last October, Janie and I celebrated Reformation Day with a read-along of Pilgrim’s Progress for families.  Janie covered the original book for older kids, while I picked up Oliver Hunkin’s Dangerous Journey: The Story of Pilgrim’s Progress.  It would turn out to be more than just a good read or a vocabulary builder.  My mom […]

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Parents’ Guide to Environmentalism in Kids’ Literature

What is Environmentalism? With the movie version of The Lorax hitting theaters this weekend, man’s role in shaping and caring for the environment is back in focus for parents and kids. The message that we ought to protect and nurture our environment is not a new one—it’s been around for decades now, and can be […]

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Japanese Literary Adventure: Study Notes

I hope you guys have enjoyed learning a little more about Japanese literature with our guests Roger Lowther and Dr. Mike Sugimoto this month.  As a wrap-up, I’ve compiled a few notes from our discussions.  Hopefully, you can put them with the resources listed below and you’ll have a fun, Christ-centered beginning experience about Japan […]

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Dangerous Journey, Part 8

via Google Video CHAPTER EIGHT: The Dark River Today’s Theme: Finishing Well From the clutches of Giant Despair, Christian and Hopeful escape into pleasant places of the Delectable Mountains.  We see them refreshing themselves in a stream, quite unlike the dark river they will encounter at the end of the chapter.  Soon they have their […]

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Dangerous Journey, Part 7

via Google Video CHAPTER 7: Doubting Castle Today’s Theme: The Key of Promise After surviving Vanity Fair and the hill of Lucre, Christian and Hopeful “espied a stile which led into a meadow, and seemed to be a short-cut.”  But of course, there are no short-cuts in a Christian’s path, and what first seemed a […]

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The Pilgrim’s Progress, Part 4: Home At Last

If you’re just joining us, here’s the Introduction, Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3. For the Project Gutenberg online version, go here. The worst is over—in a way.  In another sense, Christian’s greatest trial is still ahead, but for awhile longer he will be plodding along with Hopeful, encountering other travelers and engaging in […]

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Dangerous Journey, Part 6

Chapter 6: Vanity Fair Today’s Theme: Faithful to the End As our narrator says, “Most fairs are merry places.  But not this one–not for our travellers.  For here one of them was destined to die.”   What ought to have been a place of vibrant cultural exchange and beauty–with a British Row and Italian Row, […]

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The Pilgrim’s Progress, Part 3: Dangerous Detours

Introduction Part One Part Two (The online text we’re using is located at Project Gutenberg, here.)   Vanity Fair After leaving Talkative behind, Christian and Faithful notice Evangelist catching up to them. Even though he’s going in the same direction, he has probably lingered to encourage and instruct other pilgrims on the way. His speech […]

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Dangerous Journey, Part 5

via Google Video   CHAPTER FIVE: The Valley of the Shadow Today’s Theme: God With Us Today, following on the heels of his fight with Apollyon and his healing through the leaves of a tree, Christian enters the Valley of the Shadow.  In a reference to the 23rd Psalm, the chapter is aptly titled The […]

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