The Summer of Great Family Reads

For Everything, There is a Season There are patterns in Scripture of both the Lord and his people resting from their labors. Summer is such a time for contemporary students and teachers. After working hard during the school year, minds and bodies need a break whether they were in a traditional classroom all winter or 

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Raymie Nightingale by Kate DiCamillo

Raymie Nightingale by Kate DiCamillo.  Candlewick, 2016, 263 pages Reading Level: Middle grades, ages 8-10 Recommended for: ages 8-12 Bottom Line: Three 10-year-old girls cope with life’s ups and downs by learning to rely on each other, in a story with “magical” elements. Raymie Clarke, age 10, has one goal: by winning the Little Miss 

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Summer Reading Lite

Growing Pains Our regular readers know we’ve been promising big changes for a while.  But this time we mean it!  We are working on a redesign for the fall, and that means that we just can’t do a Summer Reading Challenge this year.  So, no prizes, no writing contest, no worldview building material, and no 

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A Christmas Carol Watch-Along Guide

How many versions of Charles Dicken’s A Christmas Carol have you seen?  It seems like every cultural figure has done a version of it, Klingons, and Dr. Who, along with at least two Broadway musical productions and uncounted movies.  Whatever your favorite movie version, if a viewing of A Christmas Carol is on your family 

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If You’re Reading This by Trent Reedy

If You’re Reading This, by Trent Reedy. Scholastic, 2014. 296 pages. Reading Level: Young Adults, ages 12-15 Maturity Level: 6 (ages 15-18) One-line Summary: If You’re Reading This is a moving YA novel about a father establishing a relationship with his son after the father’s death in Afghanistan. For Michael Wilson, life is an endless 

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