Bible Reading Challenge, Week 35

THE PROPHETS:  Messiah–Jesus’ Birth and Childhood ​The Messiah is here! Study Guides: pdf. download, use the older version this week for Ages 4-8 (I’m out of town, but will be back next week!) pdf. download, Ages 9-13, Week 35 Make-Your-Own-Story-Bible Resources: .pdf download: Story Bible Instructions .pdf download: Blank Drawing Page, week 35 .pdf download:Coloring […]

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Crying Hard: The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Another popular YA novel is soon to be a “Major Motion Picture,” opening next weekend.  It’s not likely to be a blockbuster like Twilight or The Hunger Games, partly because the original book is 13 years old.  I am not recommending either the book or the movie, but as a cultural indicator it might be […]

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Pilgrim’s Progress: Shepherding a Child’s Imagination, pt.2

Last week, I introduced our new series based on Pilgrim’s Progress.  (Here’s the original post.) In it, I mentioned our free family devotional guide to accompany the children’s picture book, Dangerous Journey by Oliver Hunkin.  And I also pointed out that I have been asked to help host a Pilgrim’s Progress party at a church […]

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Just Because: a Roundup of New Picture Books

The picture book is alive and well, to judge by the way the publishing industry keeps pumping them out.  Here are some of the more recent (and one more that’s not so recent) offerings, all recommended: Jonah’s Whale, by Eileen Spinelli, illustrated by Giuliano Ferri.  Eerdmans, 2012, 32 pages. “God made Whale.  God gave Whale […]

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Web Newberys (Sept. 10)

Fun, surprising, and brilliant web posts about books in the last few weeks, particularly those for kids: Notes from the Horn Book:  If you love kids’ books and want to keep up with the secular world’s best books, the Horn Book emails are a great place to start.  Here is a link to what is […]

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Bible Reading Challenge, Week 34

THE PROPHETS:  Messiah–The Forerunner In Malachi’s book of prophecy, God has fulfilled another promise.  He’s brought His people back out of Babylonian captivity and into the promised land.  The temple has been rebuilt, and everything is peachy…or so they think.   Though they don’t worship idols, they are still covenant breakers who complain and mock God […]

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Kids and 9/11

To our children it’s already history, but to us it seems like “only yesterday.”  Too soon, really, to come to an informed conclusion about what it all meant and whether the response was justified or not.  Or even whether it “changed America forever,” as every commentator claimed at the time.  But it happened, we know […]

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Dangerous Journey: Shepherding A Child’s Imagination

Pilgrim’s Progress Party? Next week, I’ve been asked to lead a Pilgrim’s Progress event at a church in South Carolina.  One of our devoted readers thought it would be fun to invite parents and kids to their church for a night of games, treats, and crafts organized around Pilgrim’s Progress.  Some of you may remember […]

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Survival and Rescue

Rescue from certain destruction is the great theme of the Bible.  When it happens in real life, it should remind us of how blessed we are, and what we all escaped . . . Last Airlift: a Vietnamese Orphan’s Rescue from War, by Marsha Skrypuch.  Pajama Press, 2011, 99 pages plus historical notes.  Age/interest level: […]

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Labor and Calling

Labor Day, according to Wikipedia, was born of the Management/Labor battles of the late 19th century–particularly the Pullman strike of the 1880s.  Labor strikes were not just a matter of shutdowns and picket lines–people got killed.  The root problem at the bottom of the labor wars was that work had lost its dignity.  Industrialization had […]

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Bible Reading Challenge: a Milepost

We’re taking a week off of our Bible Reading Challenges, which seems appropriate, as we’re two-thirds of the way through. Next week we’ll turn a page–a very significant page, from the Old Testament to the New.  If you’re new to Redeemed Reader and have been wondering what the Bible Reading Challenge  is all about, this […]

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