Running for My Life & Other Hopeful Sports Books

A Few Recommendations Last year Janie and I put together a post on football books for kids and young adults, Tim Tebow to Justin Tuck: Football Books for Kids and YAs.  It’s been a while since we revisited the sports theme, so with the Olympics fresh on our minds and football season upon us, I […]

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Twisting Mother Goose

We have something to look forward to this fall: a new publishing house called Month9Books which will specialize in fantasy fiction.  First title, due in October, is Two and Twenty Dark Tales: Dark Retellings of Mother Goose Rhymes. Besides the annoying redundance, the title is an obvious rejoinder to that Wall Street Journal column by […]

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Web Newberys (August 27)

Noteworthy book-related posts of late: Jeff Foxworthy’s Bible Challenge:  Megan Basham weighs in on FOX’s new Bible-based game show. Berenstein Bears:  Megan Cox Gurdon explains why she thinks the Berenstein Bears played into feminist dreams.  It’s an old one, but worth revisiting. Clifford Turns 50:  Lots of commemorative editions and events going on at Scholastic […]

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Bible Reading Challenge, Week 33

THE PROPHETS:  Daniel Daniel is the prophet among kings.  Rather than speaking to God’s people primarily, God sends Daniel to witness to the pagan kings of Babylon, and his life is filled with courtly challenges: corruption, back-stabbing, politics and more.  Even as the remnant is being drawn back to Israel, Daniel is God’s voice to […]

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Legends in their Own Minds

Captain Awesome (series), by Stan Kirby, Illustrated by George O’Connor.  Little Simon, 2012, approx. 110 pages.  Age/interest level: 5-7 According to many K-3 teachers I’ve talked to, the early reader market needs a little more attention, especially for boys.  That’s a need Simon & Schuster is trying to fill with Captain Awesome, a series that […]

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How to (teach your kids to) Read Like an Editor

The Intro When I graduated from Ole Miss back in 2000 with my B.A. in English Literature, I was shocked to actually find a job working at a publishing house.  I spent the first few months packing books and counting inventory and making collections calls.  But eventually, I got my first crack at editing a […]

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Bible Reading Challenge, Week 32

Once again, this week Janie and I have the honor of hosting Evan Hughes as our artist-in-residence.  We’ve been covering the scope of the entire Bible in our Bible Reading Challenge (here’s an introduction), and this week we come to… THE PROPHETS:  Ezekiel Ezekiel was one of the exiles from Israel during the Babylonian captivity, […]

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Rocket Reads and Writes; Charlie Joe Does NOT

In keeping with our back-to-school focus: if you haven’t met little Rocket, you really should.  As for Charlie Joe, well . . . How Rocket Learned to Read, by Tad Hills, Schwartz & Wade, 2010, 32 pp.  Age/interest level: 4-7 Rocket is a loveable gray-and-white crewcut mutt who enjoys his doggy life—mostly chasing leaves and […]

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Web Newberys (August 20)

More noteworthy posts on kids’ books and culture: 1.  Soccer Star Signs Middle-Grade Contract: If you’re daughter loves soccer, especially Olympic soccer star Alex Morgan, keep an eye out for her upcoming soccer series, the Kicks. 2.  Libraries Doubling as Post Offices?  Strength in numbers?  Or piling cultural artifacts on the same sinking ship? 3.  […]

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Laid-Back Grammar

“Grammar” is a stretchy word, enclosing syntax (sentence structure), spelling, punctuation and parts of speech—the mechanics of language.  Along with algebra, principal products, and geology, it would probably win a top five spot in the “Why do we have to learn this?” category.    When it came to diagramming sentences, some of the kids in my […]

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7 Myths About 50 Shades Among Christians

We’ve already covered a lot of ground on the Fifty Shades trilogy by E. L. James.  We interviewed Tim Challies on the theology of pornography, held a roundtable discussion with Megan Basham, and Janie and I have recommended resources in her review and my post, Sexual Integrity Resources for Teens.  I promised you a review […]

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