Quiet Time For Kids – Part Two

Last week’s post ran so long I had to cut it short in order to attend to other business.  But close readers may remember a promise I made to finish up the subject.  Since posting our intentions, several of our readers have suggested other children’s devotional guides or related materials that we might want to […]

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The History of Faith: Wiliam Boekestein’s and Simonetta Carr’s New Books for Kids

This week in our library month theme, Janie took us back to the 8th century in a review of  Hand of Vengeance by Douglas Bond.  I also interviewed both Douglas Bond and William Boekestein on their new works as well as how and why they try to bring redemptive history alive for kids.  Today, I […]

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RR Podcast 21: Douglas Bond and William Boekestein

My readers are broken people…children are sinners in need of grace….If I take some other posture to my writing, I’m not going to be authentically leading other sinners to the cross and the gospel. –Douglas Bond Our Guests My guests today are two authors keenly interested in bringing history alive for kids.  But not just […]

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Hand of Vengeance

Tomorrow we have a real treat for you: two Christian dads, one a pastor and one a teacher, who both happen to write books for young people.  William Boekestein and Douglas Bond, together in one podcast, chat with Emily about the value of historical fiction, reading in the gospel light, and reading classics with your […]

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Hobbits, Hot Chocolate, & The Bookshelf Giveaway

The Hobbit Read Along Two weeks from today on Monday, November 5th, our Great Hobbit Read Along Adventure begins!  We’ll cover two or three chapters of The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien each week for five weeks, ending the first week of December, just before the release of the movie version by Peter Jackson.  We hope […]

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Bible Reading Challenge, Week 40

MESSIAH:  The Last Week ​During Jesus’s last week, His enemies finally get the upper hand.  It’s a week of sorrow and suffering for Jesus–a week of passion–but it’s a week of great hope for us, especially as we face our own suffering. Study Guides: pdf. download, Ages 4-8, Week 40 pdf. download, Ages 9-13, Week […]

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Thoughts to Make Your Heart Sing: Savoring Sally Lloyd Jones’ New Book

This October, the team that brought you The Jesus Storybook Bible released a unique new book, Thoughts to Make Your Heart Sing.  At 224 pages, it’s surprisingly small and compact, but author Sally Lloyd Jones and illustrator Jago have packed quite a punch inside.  Each spread contains a meditation complemented by one of Jago’s brilliant […]

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Quiet Time for Kids

“Thy word have I have treasured in my heart, that I may not sin . . .” (Ps. 119:11) More than anything, Christian parents want their children to treasure God’s word in their hearts, so it will be a guide and defense through the pitfalls of life. Starting them out right often includes a simplified […]

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Shopping for Bible Storybooks

In keeping with our home library emphasis this month, most of our readers would probably agree that the first items on our list would be Bibles, Bible Story books, and Bible References.  But if you type in any of those categories in Amazon.com, be prepared for the deluge.  How do you pick and choose among […]

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Podcast 20: Sally Lloyd Jones on Kids’ Devotionals

The Jesus Storybook Bible by Sally Lloyd Jones is a staple among Christian parents these days who want to help introduce kids to the Bible in a way that focuses on Christ.  Not only is it theologically rich, but the illustrations by Jago are enticing for both children and adults, combining reverence, tenderness and even […]

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Web Newberys (Oct. 15)

Such an exciting week ahead!  Tomorrow we’ll post our interview with Sally Lloyd Jones, and she’ll tell us her thoughts on kids’ devotionals as well as her new book, Thoughts to Make Your Heart Sing.  Until then, here are a few interesting kids’ book-related posts from the blogosphere lately: PW Kids Cast: If you enjoy […]

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