The Splendor of the Ordinary

I have a confession to make: I’m not a fan of poetry.  For someone who loves literature, I see this not as a mere preference (as for pancakes over scrambled eggs), but an actual defect.  It may be due to mental laziness (poetry can be so difficult) or a childish appetite for narrative (Tell me a […]

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Bible Reading Challenge, Week 15

  WEEK 15: BLESSINGS AND CURSES This week we’re reading through Deuteronomy, in which the Israelites are almost ready to enter the Promised Land.  Moses calls the new generation together and gives them the law again, this time with a focus on their hearts–and God’s.  Almost like when a parent is getting ready to send […]

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Not-So-Secret Gardens for Kids

This week kicks off a fun week here at Redeemedreader: Poetry Week.  April is National Poetry Month, after all, and there are some great poetry books out there for kids.  Before we get too lost in reverie, though, I want to use today’s post to finish up a few more gardening book recommendations. Also, be […]

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Two quick things this morning.  First, the Bible Challenge won’t come out until Monday.  Our illustrator has been caught up with a funeral this weekend and unable to complete the drawings until tomorrow. Second, with the life and passing of Charles Colson on many minds today, I thought I would honor his memory by reminding […]

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How Our Gardens Grow

Planting a garden is an exercise in faith—the assurance of things hoped for, and the evidence of things not seen.  Young children are fascinated with the phenomenon of planting a seed and watching a tiny green sprout thrust itself above the soil—the bowed necks of pole-bean sprouts making their first shy appearance still thrills me.  […]

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Podcast 14: American Girls, Dangers and Delights

What are the dangers and delights of the American Girls series of books?  I gave you guys an intro to this subject in an American Girls post last week.  Today, I discuss the Kirsten series with my oldest daughter. So far, we have read the first book in the series, Meet Kirsten, and a short […]

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Detectives: Hard Boiled and Four-Legged

Ever since Edgar Allen Poe, one of the most reliable publishing genres has been the mystery or detective novel.  I’m not a huge fan myself, but when the Nancy Drews were circulating through fourth grade I read a few, and many of the popular series books of the time (that weren’t about nurses) often had […]

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Graduation Gifts for Teens

We’re fast approaching graduation day at many schools, so I thought it might be worth tossing out a few books to brighten your celebrations. 1.  Ryken, Leland, Editor.  The Christian Imagination: The Practice of Faith in Literature and Writing.  Shaw Books, 2002.  465 pgs.  Ages 16-up.  If you have a teen who is at all […]

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Bible Reading Challenge, Week 14

THE NATION: Sacrifice How can an unholy people approach a holy God?  Leviticus helped God’s people answer that question many years ago, and even though we aren’t under the law anymore, it still helps us today. Study Guides: .pdf download: ages 4-8, week 14 .pdf download: ages 9-13, week 14 Make Your Own Story Bible […]

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Little Houses on the Prairie: May B. and Hattie Big Sky

May B., by Caroline Starr Rose, Schwartz & Wade, 2012, 225 pages.  Age/interest level: 8-12. “I won’t go.” “It’s for the best, Ma says, yanking to braid my hair, trying to make something of what’s left. Ma and Pa want me to leave and live with strangers. “I won’t go.” Twelve-year-old girls on the Kansas […]

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American Girls

The American Girls books are in some ways the premier girls’ reading series for girls who are emerging readers.  Among conservative families, at least, they often enjoy pick of the litter status.  One reason is because the series, begun in 1986 by Pleasant Company, focuses on female characters aged 9-11 in various eras in American […]

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