Contest Winners

CONTEST WINNERS Last week, we put three books up for grabs.  After giving it some prayer and assigning each entrant a number, I pulled three winners from the proverbial hat.  And they are as follows: 1) The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert goes to Rosa. (See Emily’s review here.) 2) Unseduced and Unshaken: The […]

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Identity and Revolution, part 2

Last week we looked at some YA titles that celebrated the “coming out” of gay and lesbian characters.  “Young Adult” has traditionally been the accepted age category for exploring these themes, but since homosexuality is considered a civil rights issue rather than a privacy issue like abortion, the dogma is bound to extend to middle-grade […]

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Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert: A Review of Rosaria Butterfield’s Book

CLICK HERE to enter to win a copy of Mrs. Butterfield’s book! The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert by Rosaria Champagne Butterfield.  Crown and Covenant, 2012.  154 pgs. An Anomaly In the 1990’s, Rosaria Butterfield was a feminist English professor working on a hit piece aimed at conservative Christians when she reached out to […]

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The Roe Effect

On Friday I wrote about the treatment of homosexuality in youth literature, a topic I’m not quite done with.  We notice more novels that normalize homosexual behavior popping up on bookstore and library shelves, but there’s something about them that doesn’t get much comment.  The quantity of titles doesn’t equal quantity of readers.  There’s a […]

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Web Newberys and RR News (Plus Giveaway!)

It feels wrong to merely skip over Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, especially with President Obama’s inauguration today, and yet with Black History month coming up in less that two weeks, we’ve opted to save our coverage of the topic for then.  We’re looking forward to talking about the movie Lincoln and other related books […]

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Identity and Revolution, part 1

“We will triumph with our tongues.  We own our lips—who is our master?” Psalm 12:4 We live in an age where reality can be easily disconnected from imagination, where pharmaceutical or electronic aids provide a back door for escaping real life when it gets too tough.  It’s an age full of words—spoken, written, texted—that can […]

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Gabrielle Douglas: Grace, Gold, and (God’s) Glory

Into the Spotlight Sixteen-year-old Gabrielle Douglas’s jaw-dropping performance in the women’s all-around gymnastics competition, just edging out her closest Russian competitor to win gold, was certainly one of the most memorable moments in the 2012 Olympics.  Perhaps even more noteworthy for Christian fans of the games was her response on her Twitter account, “I give […]

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On All Fronts: New Nonfiction of World War II

My sister, who serves at a docent at a prisoner-of-war museum in Texas, says that her most eager listeners are pre-teen and teenage boys.  When she talks about the War in Europe, they know exactly what she’s talking about because they’ve landed on Normandy or outfoxed Rommel in their video games.  The big battles and […]

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Web Newberys and News

Technically it’s mid-January, I know.  But we’re finally running again on all cylinders after the holidays–or at least I am!  After traveling and dealing with tech issues, I’m ready to launch into this new year.  As you may recall, last year we developed a segment called Web Newberys, where we linked to some of the […]

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Bible Reading Challenge, Week 49 (THE END!)

THE CHURCH: On to Glory! This is our last part of the yearly study!  For those of you who make it this far, congratulations, and we hope it’s been a good experience for you.  It’s certainly been a labor of love on our part.  What better way to end than to savor the promise of […]

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Going to the Dogs

Of all four-legged mammals, I estimate that dogs get the most exposure in fiction, with horses and mice tying for second and cats a distant third.  I read somewhere that dogs are valued as companions only in countries influenced by western culture; elsewhere in the world they’re treated like . . . well, like dogs: […]

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