Podcast 20: Sally Lloyd Jones on Kids’ Devotionals

The Jesus Storybook Bible by Sally Lloyd Jones is a staple among Christian parents these days who want to help introduce kids to the Bible in a way that focuses on Christ.  Not only is it theologically rich, but the illustrations by Jago are enticing for both children and adults, combining reverence, tenderness and even […]

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Web Newberys (Oct. 15)

Such an exciting week ahead!  Tomorrow we’ll post our interview with Sally Lloyd Jones, and she’ll tell us her thoughts on kids’ devotionals as well as her new book, Thoughts to Make Your Heart Sing.  Until then, here are a few interesting kids’ book-related posts from the blogosphere lately: PW Kids Cast: If you enjoy […]

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Bible Reading Challenge, Week 39

MESSIAH:  The Road to Jerusalem ​Life is good for the disciples and the people following Jesus this week.  Christ is healing the sick, raising the dead, feeding the hungry, and even commanding the wind and waves.  It’s about time to coast into Jerusalem and shake up the joint, time for Christ to take up His […]

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The Librarian Trilogy: Interview with Jennifer Ball

This week, we heard from two librarians, including Betsy of Literaritea and Emily Cottrill of Livingbookslibrary.com.  I thought we would round out the week with one last librarian, Jennifer Ball of The Covenant School in Nashville, TN.  You can see her library page here, and find out about their online library for use by Covenant […]

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Vote for . . . Whoever

In a campaign season, especially a big general election like this one, parents and teachers want to give the kids a clue what’s going on.  We’re also supposed to be training responsible citizens who will someday take part in the political process.  If you’re checking the library for books on the subject, it’s best to […]

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Charlotte Mason and Living Libraries: An Invitation

On Monday, we posted a list of book and library resources from Christian librarians Betsy and Megan at Literaritea.  Today, however, I’d like you to meet a mother (Liz) and daughter (Emily Cottrill) combo who have started a new kind of library with a unique objective.  They are gathering up books from the “golden years” […]

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Burdens of the Past

Seventy-three years ago, on September 1, German tanks rolled across the border of Poland and the conflict that soon became known as World War II officially began.  The literature is vast, even for children.  The weight is vast, too, with a level of destruction and death that we find hard to imagine.  War stories aren’t […]

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Web Newberys & Tea (Literaritea, that is!)

Today, instead of writing our Web Newberys, I’ve decided to drink green tea and memorize Greek vocabulary words with my kids.  Well, I’m going to drink green tea, anyway.  Lucky for you guys, Betsy from Literaritea blog joins us to take up the slack!  Hope you enjoy her writing as much as I have over […]

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Bible Reading Challenge, Week 38

MESSIAH:  Signs and Wonders ​When Jesus brought the Kingdom of Heaven near, he did more than teach.  He healed the sick and raised the dead.  He put children, healed and whole, back in their mothers’ and fathers’ arms.  He cast out demons and commanded the wind and waves.  He wasn’t just a charismatic teacher, but […]

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God’s Time to Make a Change

I was alive during the Civil Rights struggles of the mid-50s and 60s, but wasn’t personally affected by them.  So the history of those years can be a revelation, particularly in a recent nonfiction book for children: We’ve Got a Job: the 1963 Birmingham Children’s March, by Cynthia Levinson.  Peachtree, 2012, 160 pages + index […]

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What’s in Your Library?

Last year around this time, we spent a week discussing libraries.  In fact, we ended that week with a slue of recommendations by Christian leaders as to the one or two books they would like to see in every American library.  (It’s a great list, so I hope you’ll check out the recommendation list here.) […]

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