2012 Writing Contest: Book Review Winner

Last fall, we invited students of any age to submit original works in two categories: 1) book reviews and 2) short stories.  The deadline for entry was December 15th, and believe it or not, we got some great entries!   Tomorrow we’ll announce our short story finalists and let you guys vote for a winner. Today, 

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Flannery O’Connor & The Terrible Speed of Mercy: A Book Review

Our book reviewer today is Autumn, one of our current interns here at  She is a sophomore at a small liberal arts college here in Tennessee, making her way through a Southern, patient Christ-haunted literary landscape much like Flannery O’Connor encountered.  Among her many interests are reading, writing, violin, guitar, songwriting and drinking fermented 

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If Olivia Comes to Visit….

We live in an age of series picture books. Which, like having 27 McDonalds in every city, makes shopping a little less complicated for tired, stressed out parents. You know what you’re getting with McDonalds, while the mom and pop restaurant down the road is an unknown quantity. The bad news, though, is that not 

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