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The Four Loves by C. S. Lewis: an Introduction

This thing called “love”—what is it? Something we long for, health feel vague stirrings about, viagra sale idolize, draw inspiration from, and abuse left and right. It’s unpredictable, stunning, fragile, overwhelming. And more misunderstood and lied-about than any other human emotion. No human has a comprehensive grasp of love, but if you’re looking for some 

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SRC Week 4, Teen List: Out of the Silent Planet

Other Summer Reading Challenge posts: Introduction, Week One: 1) Kids,  2) Teens, 3) Devotional.  Week Two: 1) Kids, 2) Teens, 3) Devotional.  Week Three: off Week Four: 1) Kids. 2) Teens, 3) Devotional. Week Five: 1) Kids, 2) Teens, 3) Devotional. Week Six: 1) Kids, 2) Teens, 3) Devotional.   THE DISCUSSION In our dicussion today, 

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c. s. lewis at war

C. S. Lewis at War: Radio Theatre for Teens and Adults

C. S. Lewis at War: The Dramatic Story Behind Mere Christianity (Radio Theatre) by C.S. Lewis and Paul McCusker.  Tyndale Entertainment, 2013.  Ages 12 and up. It’s last minute stocking stuffer time at my house!  But even if you aren’t frantically looking for one last gift, this is an audiobook I think many of you 

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*Pilgrim’s Progress: a Retelling by Gary Schmidt

Pilgrim’s Progress: a Retelling, by Gary Schmidt, illustrated by Barry Moser. Eerdmans, 1994, 96 pages. Reading Level: Young Adult, Ages 12-15 Recommended for: ages 12 and up Bottom Line: Gary Schmidt brings to this retelling a novelist’s sense of plot and character development, ably abetted by Barry Moser’s watercolor illustrations. A “retelling” usually involves taking 

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Gifts for Grads: Our Picks

For a parent, there’s nothing scarier than sending a high school graduate out into the world—and in fact, the world looks pretty scary these days.  Not to mention confusing, even in matters that used to be taken for granted.  Up until about ten years ago, for instance, it was a given that high-school grads eyeing 

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