Hammer of the Huguenots by Douglas Bond

Hammer of the Huguenots by Douglas Bond. P&R, 2015. 215 pages Reading Level: Middle Grades,ages 10-12 Recommended for: ages 10 and up Bottom Line: Douglas Bond’s latest fictional excursion into church history focuses on the struggles of the French Protestants during the mid-seventeenth century. Philippe had no idea when he apprenticed to the shipbuilder, Monsieur 

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RR Podcast 21: Douglas Bond and William Boekestein

My readers are broken people…children are sinners in need of grace….If I take some other posture to my writing, I’m not going to be authentically leading other sinners to the cross and the gospel. –Douglas Bond Our Guests My guests today are two authors keenly interested in bringing history alive for kids.  But not just 

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Hand of Vengeance

Tomorrow we have a real treat for you: two Christian dads, one a pastor and one a teacher, who both happen to write books for young people.  William Boekestein and Douglas Bond, together in one podcast, chat with Emily about the value of historical fiction, reading in the gospel light, and reading classics with your 

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RR Podcast 7: Douglas Bond on Reformation Tours

THE PODCAST Plenty of Americans dream of taking a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Europe…to see the Eiffle Tower, hear the chiming of Big Ben, and float along the romantic canals of Venice.  But for many devoted Christians, the idea of a Reformation Tour never crosses their minds.  Today, Douglas Bond tells us about the Reformation Tours 

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RR Podcast 5: Douglas Bond from Scotland

Today’s podcast is a follow-up to our last interview with Mr. Bond, RR Podcast 4: Douglas Bond on Fatherhood.  Last time we talked about his devotional books for young men and their fathers, Fathers and Sons.  But this time we focused more on his fiction–including his series on hymns of the church featuring Mr. Pipes, 

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