Labor and Calling

Labor Day, according to Wikipedia, was born of the Management/Labor battles of the late 19th century–particularly the Pullman strike of the 1880s.  Labor strikes were not just a matter of shutdowns and picket lines–people got killed.  The root problem at the bottom of the labor wars was that work had lost its dignity.  Industrialization had 

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Interview with Dr. Veith: Part Two

In Part Two of the interview, we’re talking about how to prepare our kids for college–and whether they need to go to college at all!  But don’t miss Part One. 3. Sometimes, parents send their children to a Christian college thinking they will escape the most dangerous pitfalls of secular education.  Are there any pitfalls in Christian 

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Interview with Dr. Gene Edward Veith

Many–if not all–of our readers are praying earnestly for their children to lead God-centered, successful lives.  Of course, God can work with any sort of material, but we’d like to minimize the hard lessons and wasted time as much as possible.  Not just for our kids–for us, too!  Seeking the counsel of experienced Christians, parents 

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