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Bullies and Buddies: Two Acclaimed Graphic Novels

Tommysaurus Rex, by Doug TenNapel, Scholastic (Graphix), 2013, 238 pages.  Age/interest level: 8-12. Ely’s best friend is a dog, which seems pretty normal except that Tommy (the dog) is his only friend.  Ely’s parents worry about this, but worry takes a back seat when Tommy is hit by a car.  To help Ely get his […]

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Classics in Comics

We round out Picture-book month at Redeemed Reader with a look at some recent comic-book adaptations of enduring literary works–even though graphic novels, technically speaking, are not picture books, because the text in a graphic novel is as important as the pictures.  In any case they’ve come a long way from their underground, cult-status days, […]

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History in Graphic Format

As we conclude our History Month here at RedeemedReader, I hope you’ve enjoyed learning about historical fiction, church history, picture book biographies, general history, and more! One type of book we haven’t touched on is the graphic novel. A graphic novel will appear to be “just” a comic book to some, but the artists in […]

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Beowulf: Legend, Worldview, and Contemporary Narratives

When I used to teach high school British Literature back in the day, Beowulf was always our first big study. It’s first chronologically, and it’s also an outstanding way to introduce worldview-in-literature concepts. As the school year gets underway, I thought I’d share a bit of my approach to Beowulf in particular and literature in […]

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Words and Pictures: a Talk with Doug TenNapel

Yesterday we reviewed two graphic novels by a rising star in the world of “comics” who also happens to be a Christian and a homeschooling dad.  Doug TenNapel, California-born and bred, began his career as an animator and moved into video game design.  In that world he’s probably best known as the creator of Earthworm […]

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Metaphysics, Graphics-Style

For some folks, graphic novels are actually a discipline to be learned—their eyes don’t know where to go first and they tend to jump from word to word.  It takes a little effort for them (okay–for me) to slow down and glean from the pictures.  But we all know people, of the male persuasion particularly, […]

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Kingstone Part 2: Interview and Babylon

By Redeemed Reader intern Jack Mertens Today I continue my series on Kingstone Comics, begun on Monday with reviews of two of Marvin Olasky’s graphic novels.  This morning’s post includes an interview with author Art Ayris, as well as a review of his graphic novel, Babylon. Interview with Art Ayris This is my first interview, […]

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