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The Pilgrim’s Progress 2: Salvation Highway

Introduction Part One Slackers and Interlopers Right away, Christian learns that salvation is not for sissies!  The sleeping men have for various reasons failed to take the faith seriously: can anyone relate?  I must guard myself against presumption, or assuming that just because I’ve said or done certain things I don’t have to be on […]

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Dangerous Journey, Part 2

                      Chapter Two: The Interpreter’s House Today’s Theme: A Burden Lost, Heaven Gained In this section, Christian comes into the Wicket Gate, is taught by the Interpreter (or the Holy Spirit) spiritual lessons, and he loses his burden at the Cross. He also begins his […]

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Pilgrim’s Progress: From the City of Destruction to the Cross

This is Part One of our read along of The Prilgrim’s Progress for high school age and up.  Go here for the Introduction. The City of Destruction Something about Bunyan’s day that is very different from ours: everybody was a “Christian,” and almost everybody went to church.  That’s why the Pilgrim’s dilemma is so hard […]

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The Pilgrim’s Progress: Introduction

John Bunyan was a dissenting pastor of the mid-17th century: “dissenting” meaning that some of his biblical interpretations differed from those of the established (state-supported) Church of England.  His views were not so different that they were something other than Christianity; he was most definitely a Christian.  Where he differed from the established church was […]

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Pilgrim’s Progress: Mission Adventure

                    A REFORMATION CELEBRATION Reformation Day has been celebrated in Germany, Slovenia, and in many Protestant and Lutheran churches around the world for centuries.  Though admittedly a minor holiday within those church calendars, it falls on the anniversary of Martin Luther’s nailing of his 95 theses […]

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