life and death

Bible Reading Challenge, Week 15

  WEEK 15: BLESSINGS AND CURSES This week we’re reading through Deuteronomy, in which the Israelites are almost ready to enter the Promised Land.  Moses calls the new generation together and gives them the law again, this time with a focus on their hearts–and God’s.  Almost like when a parent is getting ready to send 

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golden calf2

Bible Reading Challenge, Week 12

          THE PEOPLE: FAILURE! After receiving the law from God on Sinai, this week we learn about how the Israelites experience their own weakness and sinfulness under its weight.  Even Moses doesn’t come out looking good.  Will God forsake His people?  Or could He have another mediator in mind all along? 

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Bible Reading Challenge, Week 11

The Lord leads His people to the same mountain where he spoke with Moses from the burning bush–Mt. Horeb, also called Sinai.   Israel is in for a meeting even more significant than the escape from Egypt: for the first time, God is going to reveal explicitly and in detail what He is like and what 

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Moses and Aaron

Bible Reading Challenge, Week 10

THE PEOPLE: Deliverance This week we go deeper into Moses’ story, and how God used him to bring His people out of slavery and on a journey of deliverance. Study Guides: .pdf download: Ages 4-8, Week 10 .pdf download: Ages 9-13, Week 10   Make Your Own Story Bible Resources: .pdf download: Story Bible Directions 

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Bible Reading Challenge, Week 9

    THE PEOPLE: Moses Today we look at how God grew Israel’s family into a new “people”, and how God worked deliverance for them through Moses.  One of the most exciting passages of history and literature ever written! Study Guides: .pdf download: Ages 4-8, Week 9 .pdf download: Ages 9-13, Week 9   Make 

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