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Pilgrim’s Progress adapted by Anna Trimiew

Pilgrim’s Progress: John Bunyan’s Classic Story Adapted for Children, by Anna Trimiew, illustrated by Drew Rose.  Great Commissions Press, 2013, 109 pages, including glossary and index.  Reading Level: Middle Grades, ages 10-12 Recommended for: ages 10-14 Bottom Line: This adaptation of Pilgrim’s Progress from Great Commissions Press can serve as a readable introduction to Bunyan’s […]

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Interview with Judah Ben: Kai’Ro, Christian Rap and the Progress of Urban Pilgrims

Introduction There are very few modern books that I see as really significant.  But I see the Kai’ Ro series–an urban interpretation of Pilgrim’s Progress–by youth minister, Judah Ben, as one of those series that may actually help change the landscape of Christian publishing.  How you ask?  His book brings the Christian rap movement–a kind […]

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Pilgrim’s Progress: Shepherding a Child’s Imagination, pt. 3

Today’s post is the third part in a series based on my recent talk on shepherding children through their life-long literary journey.  You can read part one here (which includes instructions for how to host a Pilgrim’s Progress party), part two here, and below is the final installment.  You can also check out our Pilgrim’s […]

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Pilgrim’s Progress: Shepherding a Child’s Imagination, pt.2

Last week, I introduced our new series based on Pilgrim’s Progress.  (Here’s the original post.) In it, I mentioned our free family devotional guide to accompany the children’s picture book, Dangerous Journey by Oliver Hunkin.  And I also pointed out that I have been asked to help host a Pilgrim’s Progress party at a church […]

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Dangerous Journey, Part 5

via Google Video   CHAPTER FIVE: The Valley of the Shadow Today’s Theme: God With Us Today, following on the heels of his fight with Apollyon and his healing through the leaves of a tree, Christian enters the Valley of the Shadow.  In a reference to the 23rd Psalm, the chapter is aptly titled The […]

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Dangerous Journey, Part 3

                Chapter 3: The Hill of Difficulty Today’s Theme: Lions on Chains Salvation is the beginning of the battle.  In Chapter 3, Christian is now “free of his burden and light of foot,” yet suddenly two strangers appear to try him.   And that’s only right, for Bunyan […]

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Dangerous Journey, Part 2

                      Chapter Two: The Interpreter’s House Today’s Theme: A Burden Lost, Heaven Gained In this section, Christian comes into the Wicket Gate, is taught by the Interpreter (or the Holy Spirit) spiritual lessons, and he loses his burden at the Cross. He also begins his […]

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The Pilgrim’s Progress: Introduction

John Bunyan was a dissenting pastor of the mid-17th century: “dissenting” meaning that some of his biblical interpretations differed from those of the established (state-supported) Church of England.  His views were not so different that they were something other than Christianity; he was most definitely a Christian.  Where he differed from the established church was […]

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Eerdmans Publishing has been kind enough to offer us a complimetary copy of Dangerous Journey by Oliver Huntin.  We’d like to give it away to one of our readers this weekend, just in time for you to participate in our read along this month.  (Though you certainly don’t have to read along.  This book comes […]

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Pilgrim’s Progress: Mission Adventure

                    A REFORMATION CELEBRATION Reformation Day has been celebrated in Germany, Slovenia, and in many Protestant and Lutheran churches around the world for centuries.  Though admittedly a minor holiday within those church calendars, it falls on the anniversary of Martin Luther’s nailing of his 95 theses […]

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