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Space Case by Stuart Gibbs

Space Case by Stuart Gibbs. Simon & Schuster, 2014. 337 pages. Reading Level: Middle Grades, ages 8-10. Maturity Level: 4 (ages 11-12) Moon Base Alpha (MBA), A.D. 2041. After six months, Dashiel (Dash) Gibson rues the day his parents—geologist mom, mineralogist dad—signed up for a three-year residence on the moon. Being an original colonizer of […]

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The Finisher

The Finisher by David Baldacci.  Scholastic,  2014, 497 pages.   Reading level: Young Adults, 15-18 Maturity level: 6 What do you get when you blend a medieval town with a bit of magic and science fiction, then add a small dose of dystopian bleakness?  A place like Wormwood.  Vega Jane is a teenage inhabitant of […]

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Thoughts on The Giver

During the Summer Reading Challenge, Redeemed Reader interns Amos Peck and Grace Olson, Valen Caldwell, intern at Breakpoint.org, and I –Hayley Schoeppler, Redeemed Reader’s executive assistant– got together (via Skype!) and discussed The Giver.  Here are some highlights from our discussion. Summary The Giver is written by Lois Lowry  . . . .  The protagonist’s […]

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America, the Future: Divided We Fall and Sylo

This month we’re looking at some YA and middle-grade titles that could be described as “high-interest”: stories that grab you and don’t let go.  But these two YA novels also contain some thought-provoking material–especially the first.  (And speaking of “high-interest,” the movie version of Divergent opens today!  See our reviews of all three titles in […]

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Portrait of the Fantacist as a Young Man: Carpet People

The Carpet People, written and illustrated by Terry Pratchett.  Clarion, 2013, 261 pages.  Age/interest level: 11-up Sir Terry Pratchett, grand old man of fantasy/science fiction, began his career at the age of seventeen, with this very book (the original version is included in the appendix of this edition).  He revised Carpet People while in his […]

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Cyborg Cinderella

Cinder by Marissa Meyer.  Square Fish, 2012.  387 pages.  Age/interest level: 14-up.    Linh Cinder is a teenage mechanic, the best mechanic in New Beijing.  She is also a cyborg, part of her limbs robotic due to a childhood accident.  Early in the story, Cinder meets Prince Kai, heir apparent of New Beijing.  Kai needs […]

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Sci-fi Contest Winner and Podcast: From Ender’s Game to Hunger Games

To listen to our a read along with real teens or find discussion questions about Ender’s Game, please see our Ender’s Game Read Along.  Also, to read the stories in our contest, see our Short Story Finalists post. Sci-fi Contest Winner Back when I was in high school, my short story contest submissions were read […]

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God in Dystopia: Captives and Aquifer

Two weeks ago Hayley, Joseph, and Abby discussed two inaugural titles from Blink, Zondervan’s new YA title. Today they’re back with two more. Both these novels could be classified as “Dystopian” fiction but they vary widely in setting and style. Let’s get the conversation going: Hayley, could you give us a three-sentence summary of Captives, […]

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New Waves of YA Sci-Fi

After burning through the paranormal romance phase (sparked by Twilight) and apocalyptic dystopia (kicked off by The Hunger Games) YA publishing has experienced a resurgence of classic science fiction, with several high-profile titles appearing this year (and, of course, a classic in the YA category of sci-fi hitting the big screen) this month.  Two recent […]

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Ender’s Game Read Along: A Galactic Giveaway and Contest!

***THE GIVEAWAY PART OF THIS POST IS OVER. *** ENDER’S GAME POSTS: Introduction, Week 1: Sci-fi and Orson Scott Card, Week 2: Ender vs Peter, Week 3: Science of the Story, Week 4: Conclusions Also, see our Sci-Fi Writing Contest for Teens and our Sci-Fi Podcast Discussion coming soon. WHY READ ALONG? Ender’s Game (The […]

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The Rithmatist, Bubble World, and A Corner of White: Science Fiction or Fantasy?

As Emily informed us yesterday, September is science and science-fiction month, featuring our read-along of Orson Scott Card’s classic novel, Ender’s Game.  To celebrate, we’re focusing on youth science fiction this month, starting off with three new YA novels that raise an interesting literary question: what’s the difference between science fiction and fantasy?  Most readers […]

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