Jonathan Edwards by Simonetta Carr and Matt Abraxas

Jonathan Edwards by Simonetta Carr, illustrated by Matt Abraxas. Reformation Heritage, 2014. 64 pages. Reading Level: Middle Grades, Ages 8-10 Recommended For: Ages 8-10 Simonetta Carr continues her series on great men and women in church history with a biography on Jonathan Edwards. This fascinating story is full of illustrations that provide both historical context 

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Anselm: An Interview with Simonetta Carr

Anselm of Canterbury (Christian Biographies for Young Readers) by Simonetta Carr.  Reformation Heritage Books, 2013.  64 pgs.  Ages 8-up. Simonetta Carr recently published Anselm of Caterbury, the sixth in her Christian Biographies for Young Readers with Reformation Heritage books.  The books fill an important niche in Christian publishing–picture books about church history.  They are not 

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The History of Faith: Wiliam Boekestein’s and Simonetta Carr’s New Books for Kids

This week in our library month theme, Janie took us back to the 8th century in a review of  Hand of Vengeance by Douglas Bond.  I also interviewed both Douglas Bond and William Boekestein on their new works as well as how and why they try to bring redemptive history alive for kids.  Today, I 

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Kids’ Books On My Wishlist

It’ll be a few more weeks before we join in the Back to School rompus, but if you’re like me, you’ve been out browsing for neat school stuff already.  I thought I’d share a few books that have caught my eye or bear mentioning again. Before I do, though,  if you appreciate our blog and 

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RR Podcast 12: Simonetta Carr on Pinocchio and Christ in Italy

Introduction A few weeks ago, I posted a written interview with Simonetta Carr on her novel for young readers, The Weight of a Flame: The Passion of Olympia Morata.  Which brought up the fact that Simonetta was, like Olympia, born and raised in Italy.  So as part of our series on folktales from around the 

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