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Easter Gifts 101: Bible stories and The Story of the Bible

“I just ordered Happy and Honey, Bob Books set 1, and the Starfall readers—books you recommended—for Lois’s and my African-American great-grandson. Could you recommend an early reading Bible story book for 4-year-old African American boy on the south side of Chicago? We want him to get into the Bible, but obviously understandability is important –and […]

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The Whole Counsel of God: Complementing Your Story Bible

The claim that a story Bible isn’t actually a Bible may seem a bit shocking at first. I mean, it’s got the word “Bible” right there in the name, doesn’t it? But now that I’ve had a few years to teach my kids with one, I’ve come to realize that most story Bibles contain very […]

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Buying Your First Story Bible

You’re a new parent. You’ve got the baby crib with a fancy name, the swing, the bouncer, the burping pads. Now it’s time to choose your baby’s first Bible. And how hard could that be? It’s got to be easier than putting that crib together, right? The first time around, I just took my friends’ […]

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