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Summer Reading Challenge: One Family’s Experience

As we end our Summer Reading Challenge, I thought it would be fun for you–our readers–to hear a personal reflection from me on how our family experienced the challenge. After all, we are real people with real families behind this website! A Little Background We are a family of five: mom (me), dad, daughter (aged […]

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Summer Reading Challenge, Week 7: Where the Mountain Meets the Moon

Don’t forget to fill out the Redeemed Reader 2013 Survey if you haven’t done so! (There’s a giveaway involved!) Still hangin’ in there with us? We’ve packed our Summer Reading Challenge with some great books, but I must confess that we’re ending with my favorite of the lot. If you haven’t read it yet, do […]

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It’s Greek to Me!

This week in our Summer Reading Challenge, we’re visiting Greece.  So, thanks to our newest addition to the Redeemedreader family, Hayley Schoeppler, for leading us today and in our recent Lightning Thief post! Maybe it was the influence of Percy Jackson, maybe it was the D’Aulaires, but now you have a reader who wants to […]

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How to Throw a Book-themed Party for Kids

This week on our Summer Reading Challenge, we’re visiting the British Isles.  To celebrate, we invited Kristen of Celebrate Every Day With Me to share her party-planning expertise with us–and help us throw a party with the works of treasured British children’s author, Beatrix Potter.   Great for birthdays, Kindergarten graduations, or other occasions, a […]

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Summer Reading Challenge, Wk 3: Nate Saint: Operation Auca

Have you seen our new tab for the Summer Reading Challenge?  In it, you’ll find all the links to our Summer Reading Challenge–both the main posts and all the fun extras. This week in the challenge, our intern Abby Burns who just graduated from high school leads us in reading Nate Saint: Operation Auca.  If […]

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What about fairy tales?

Dear Readers, There are still a few weeks before we start on The Light Princess by George MacDonald, but before we do, I’d like to open a few questions for discussion: What do you think about fairy tales? What is your experience with them? How many folk/fairy tales are you familiar with beyond what Disney has […]

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Summer Reading Challenge, Week 3: Mr. Popper’s Penguins

Introduction We’ve added a Summer Reading Challenge tab at the top of our website, to help you keep up with the posts as the summer goes on.  Here’s a link if you’d like to check it out! This week in our trip Around the World in 60 Days, we’re staying in the U.S. for a […]

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Let’s Take a Road Trip–and Write a Story!

Our Around the World reading challenge book this week is The Middle of Somewhere, and it’s written by . . . um . . . me.  If I were not me, I might be objecting right now that assigning one’s own book for a readers’ challenge is incredibly self-seeking (and actually, a small corner of […]

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What’s In the Handbag, Nelly Bly? 6 Items For Your Trip Around the World

I ran out of time in last week’s post to include my travel tips for your Summer Reading adventure.  So, taking inspiration from the humorous scene of Nelly Bly packing her suitcase in Matt Phelan’s book, here are a few things you might want to pack for your journey: 1.  Music: My kids and I […]

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Summer Reading Challenge, Wk 1: Interview with John Branyan

It’s Thursday, and that means it’s time for our Summer Reading Challenge (SRC) extras!  In case you missed it, here is the Introduction, our list of 100 Great Adventure Books for Kids, as well as week one’s Book review and discussion questions.  Enjoy! A Journey of Funny Next week, Janie will introduce the SRC writing contests, including […]

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Summer Reading Challenge, Week 1: Around the World by Matt Phelan

***To find out more about this challenge, see  our Summer Reading Challenge introduction.  Other posts related to Matt Phelan’s books include our Interview with John Branyan and What’s in Your Handbag, Nelly Bly?*** Introduction  As Betsy said yesterday in her fantastic introduction (which contained our list of more than 100 Great Adventure Books for Kids), […]

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