Mockingjay, Part One: Emily’s TW&E Radio Review

Thanks to Kristen Eicher for her help with sound editing!  Thanks also to Dana and Chris Cowherd for sharing their thoughts. READ MORE from Dana Cowherd in our recent post, 5 Hints for Discussing Mockingjay with Teens.  Or check out , a teen discussion series regarding the first book in The Hunger Games trilogy.

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Real or Not Real? The Hunger Games Movie is Good For Teens….

***SPOILER ALERT: SOME PARTS OF THE END OF THE STORY REVEALED BELOW To read Janie’s review of the book, see Hungry. Today, the much anticipated The Hunger Games movie hits theaters nationwide.  If you or your kids didn’t attend a midnight run, you may be wondering–should we see this?  As part of my job writing 

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Suzanne Collins: The Hunger Games, Scholastic, 2008, 374 pages.  Catching Fire, Scholastic, 2009, 391 pages.  Mockingjay, 2010, 387 pages.  Age/interest level: 14-up. READER ADVISORY: This review contains a major spoiler about the last volume in the series–warning ahead! At some time in the distant future, our great and free society has collapsed.  The reasons are 

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Dystopia: Dead Ahead

Part One How’s this for a scenario: In the future, the USA has been divided into thirteen districts, and the most prosperous oppresses all the others. One form of oppression is the annual televised exhibition in which two teens from each district compete for fabulous prizes–the chief prize being life. Katniss, a 16-year-old poacher from 

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