finding god in the hobbit

Hobbit Read Along, Week 2: Finding God in Tolkien’s Villains

Are you interested in joining our Hobbit Read Along?  Sign up to receive weekly emails during the event either below or in the comments of our introduction: Hobbits, Hot Chocolate, and The Bookshelf Giveaway.  Check out Week 1 of the read along, or skip ahead to Week 3. Welcome to Week 2 of our Hobbit 

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Hobbits, Hot Chocolate, & The Bookshelf Giveaway

The Hobbit Read Along Two weeks from today on Monday, November 5th, our Great Hobbit Read Along Adventure begins!  We’ll cover two or three chapters of The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien each week for five weeks, ending the first week of December, just before the release of the movie version by Peter Jackson.  We hope 

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Hobbit Read Along!

Sign up and find out more HERE. This is just a quick note to say, we’re doing lots of behind the scenes work these days to prepare for a November read along of The Hobbit.  If you’re thinking of reading it, maybe with the kids (?), before the December release of Peter Jackson’s big screen 

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