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Let’s Take a Road Trip: Our Final Destination

Before I started writing The Middle of Somewhere, I did some research.  Every novelist has to do some research, especially if she’s writing historical fiction (three of my published novels are historical fiction).  An author has to have a sense of the lay of the land before she can determine which direction to go.  And […]

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Let’s Take a Road Trip (and the Second Key to Great Writing)

How’s the road trip going?  Have we arrived in Dodge City or stalled out in Pittsburg?  I’ll let you in on a secret: when I’m writing a novel, I almost always stall out around the third or fourth chapter.  Beginnings are easy—in fact, the beginning of this one was especially easy because I was struck […]

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Let’s Take a Road Trip–and Write a Story!

Our Around the World reading challenge book this week is The Middle of Somewhere, and it’s written by . . . um . . . me.  If I were not me, I might be objecting right now that assigning one’s own book for a readers’ challenge is incredibly self-seeking (and actually, a small corner of […]

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Summer Reading Challenge, Week 2: The Middle of Somewhere by (our very own) J. B. Cheaney

If you’re new to our Summer Reading Challenge, welcome! If you started our Around the World adventure last week with us, congratulations and let’s continue our journey. This week we’re taking a road trip across Middle America. The Middle of Somewhere by J. B. Cheaney. Knopf, 2007. 224 pages. Worldview Rating: 4.5; Literary Rating: 4. […]

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Hitting the Road

Got any road trips planned for the summer?  Traveling in a hot, breezy car with your sibling’s feet stuck in your face is such an indelible childhood experience (or used to be, in the free-range back-seat days) that every summer publishing season includes a crop of road trip stories.  Here are four new (and one […]

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