The History of Faith: Wiliam Boekestein’s and Simonetta Carr’s New Books for Kids

This week in our library month theme, Janie took us back to the 8th century in a review of  Hand of Vengeance by Douglas Bond.  I also interviewed both Douglas Bond and William Boekestein on their new works as well as how and why they try to bring redemptive history alive for kids.  Today, I 

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RR Podcast 21: Douglas Bond and William Boekestein

My readers are broken people…children are sinners in need of grace….If I take some other posture to my writing, I’m not going to be authentically leading other sinners to the cross and the gospel. –Douglas Bond Our Guests My guests today are two authors keenly interested in bringing history alive for kids.  But not just 

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RR Podcast 8: Interview with William Boekestein

“Are you ready to begin your quest for comfort…?”  So ends William Boekestein’s video of his newest book for kids, The Quest for Comfort: The Story of the Heidelberg Catechism.  What a great book to introduce on Reformation Day, and a great question, since they take up many of the same concerns we’ve been addressing 

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