Podcast 29: What’s in Your Local Public Library?

Library Tour Introduction

It’s taken us all week to pull it off, but we finally have it: a conversation with Janie Cheaney (the kids’ book author), Megan E. Saben and Betsy Farquhar (our resident librarians), and me–Emily Whitten (a former assistant editor at a kids’ book publisher).  For more about us, see our About page.

As the narrator for our tour, my goal was to take us on an imaginary trip through the local public library.  What are the sights and sounds?  What are the opportunities to love our neighbors?  What are some helpful hints for making the most of your trip, and of course, what the very real dangers we face?  The fun part about something like this podcast is that there is a lot of give and take, and we all have the opportunity to bring our own experiences to the subject.

On the other hand, it’s also really spontaneous and occasionally we miss the obvious–for instance we never came back to the issue of computer pornography in the library (read about it in San Fransisco libraries here.)  We also didn’t have time to talk about picture books (my passion!), or the fact that your kids may be able to check out R-rated or even potentially NC-17 movies and CDs with explicit lyrics.  (Be forewarned, they may also be able to access books without your knowledge for free from the library’s website.)  I would also really like to have covered how–and when–concerned citizens can make a huge difference when it comes to the kinds of books at your library.

But hopefully this is a good first start, and we’ll help you make your library trips more fruitful.  As for all the rest, there is always next year!

 The Podcast

In the audio, I promised this link: Welcome to Lizard Motel: Protecting the Imaginative Lives of Children.

Discussion Question

What are your concerns about your library?  Or do you or your kids have a favorite librarian?  We’d love to hear about what’s weighing on your mind, and whether you think libraries are positive for our culture?

You can read more of our thoughts on Christians in the library in Library Week, News, and Freebies, as well as Janie Cheaney’s recent article, Loving Your Library.

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One Response to Podcast 29: What’s in Your Local Public Library?

  1. Megan April 19, 2013 at 3:08 pm #

    Today I stopped at our branch library and discovered that they had been rearranging. “Where is the catalog computer?” I asked, after looking in the location where, during our last visit, I was trying to keep my three little boys from climbing over the tables while I looked up materials.

    The librarian pointed to the children’s section. “We moved it, as you requested.” What great service! It never hurts to ask. :-)

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